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Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween Party

Happy Friday my dudes. A few weeks ago I threw a Halloween party for my girlfriends and we had an absolute blast. Cheeselandia sent me a bunch of cheese so I decided to turn it into a full spread and over-decorated my apartment. We had a blast, attempted to watch Hocus Pocus and then ended up just talking about our lives for like five hours. It's interesting, in college I had amazing female friendships — love y'all — but my true "adult" friendships feel like something out of a movie. We get together and there's no pressure. We talk about our jobs (good and bad), the guys (or girls, or whomever) we're talking to, the food we've been eating, what we're doing on the weekend. We don't have to talk about the homework that's due or the spirit group drama and I love it. We laugh (sometimes cry) and it's great. I try to host something every two months and every time I have no regrets. 
Anyways, I'm done rambling, without further ado here are the photos from the party — xoxo darling, Hayden.


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