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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Articles I'm Reading

Today I'm featured on Extra Extravagant's fall blogger guide. Check it out here.

  1. These photos...ugh // Why Sometimes Simple is Better // Gal Meets Glam
  2. That sweater is $20 and I want it !! // A Rare Denim Moment // Atlantic-Pacific
  3. Yessss // 20 Best Bakeries in Paris // Conde Nast Traveler 
  4. Love this ad campaign so much // Stabilo's "Highlight the Remarkable" Campaign Keeps Taking Credit on Social Media // DAN
  5. The amount of these photos I've taken... // This Instagram Account is Calling Us All Out for Posting the Same Pics // BuzzFeed
  6. I want to go to there // Inside Target's top secret test store // Fast Company
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  1. I love these articles! Thanks so much for sharing!