Friday, May 11, 2018

Graduation Gifts

{Clarisonic, Signet RingHatLaptop CasePortraitPassport HolderJack RogersScarfWatchSuit CaseKey FobMargarita PouchBucket List BookNew York Book}

Graduation season is upon us people! These gifts are mostly geared toward college graduates (because, it me) but a lot of them would also apply to your high school graduates. I think graduation presents should be fun, they come with so little pressure and you can make them unique to the student. Check out these and let me know what you end up getting your graduate - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Clarisonic - This might just be me but I feel like now that I'm an "adult" I should probably take skin care seriously? And everyone I know that has flawless skin uses a Clarisonic. It makes me want want because I want flawless skin! I want to be one of those people. 
Signet Ring - A very southern, preppy, old school gift, the signet ring is a classic. Maybe if the graduate in your life didn't get a class ring this is a great gift. It's personalized and shows they are ready to join the workforce (and then take it by force). 
Hat - Wherever your student is graduating from or wherever they are moving to probably has an airport and that airport has a code which is probably on a hat. I love these things - I got my dad one for Christmas and he loves it. I think I want an Austin or Fort Myers one to reminisce about my home(s). 
Laptop Case - I got one of these for going into college and it was great. My original was a Kate Spade but I was so unimpressed, it actually fell apart. My Barrington (gingham pattern) has lasted me over three years and is still going strong. I love the ability to customize these cases. You can get them in college colors, different patterns and add a monogram. Great gift, am I right? 
Portrait - This would be such a cute present. Find an artist you like on Etsy or use Lauren Taylor Creative because I love her stuff and get a little custom portrait of your graduate done. It is kind of a small thing but it's adorable and would make them feel special. 
Passport Holder - If your graduate is off to an adventure after college this is THE gift to get them, along with the suitcase (see below). There are so many cute ones out there but I love this crab because it feels whimsical. You can get them a solid color but that feels too much like they will be traveling for business in the future. The more fun you have with it the better. 
Jack Rogers - Really close to your graduate? Buy them these to wear for graduation! I've worn Jack Rogers (or I'm planning to) to both of my graduations and they are stylish yet comfortable. I love 'em. The customized ones are a great grad gift. 
Scarf - We all have scarves but a really nice silk scarf from someone like Hermes just seems like one of the greatest graduation presents. Silk scarves (especially from the brand) seem like one of the most "adult" things you could gift someone. You are trusting them to take care of it and know how to tie it. 
Watch - This is a very cliche graduation present but yet again, this just seems so "adult"? And don't get me wrong I don't think you should get your graduate just any watch, it should match their personality. For me,  I would never wear a metal watch, it would have to have a leather band. And I want the vertical face, not a round one. But there are tons out there (or get them an Apple Watch). 
Suitcase - Have a jet-setting graduate? Get them some custom suitcases. I love this idea! Luggage is a great gift because it is easy to choose but it feels really personal. Your graduate will love having some cute luggage to Instagram story in the airport on their way to Paris. 
Key Fob - I love a good needlepoint anything and this key fob is no exception. This is a great gift for a guy or girl in your life for either high school or college. Get them this on their way in or out of a university. It'll always remind them of their college years and is a good conversation starter. 
Margarita Pouch - I don't really know why I added this to the graduation present list but I kind of love it? And maybe it's the Texan in me? I think something like this is great if you know the person, like me, I love margaritas because I went to UT so anyone that purchased this for me would know that and I would get a good laugh. 
Bucket List Book & New York Book - Books are great for graduation because your graduate can finally read for fun again. I like the idea of getting them something that applies to their future, although "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is a good one too. The Bucket List would be great for someone who has a sense of wanderlust. The New York book is ideal for your graduate moving to NYC; Anthro has them for a ton of different cities, so find yours. 

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