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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My Design Portfolio

This semester I took a class called Design Journalism and it was one of the best classes I have ever taken. When I tell people I'm a journalism major they just assume my favorite part is the writing - but that's not true. I love the design aspect, that's why I decided to major in it. But it wasn't until the last two years I got to experience this aspect. On Thursday I will turn in my final portfolio for design so I thought I would share my designs with y'all. What do you think? - xoxo darling, Hayden

My letter head: the "h" is my handwriting taken into Illustrator. 

We had to "re-do" a book cover, I chose one of my all time favorite books. 

We had to make a fake magazine, mine is West, about travel in West Texas. 
This is the cover. 

This is the Table of Contents for West. 

 A two page spread about cacti in West. 

Our last project was a "Cause Poster" so I tried to be 
funny and make it about Tide Pods. 

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