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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Gifts

{Espadrilles, Phone Case, Chanel, Card 1, Card 2, Slides, Passport Holder, La Mer, Smeg, Elephant Cheese Board, Watch, Tote, Rain Jacket, Sneaker, Hair Dryer}

Mother's Day is this Sunday! If you haven't yet purchased your gifts, check out these that I'm sure your mom will love - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Espadrilles - These espadrilles are the ideal walk around the house, go out in the garden shoes. They feel like something off of the set of a Nancy Meyers movie...do you get those vibes? If your mom ever travels to the south of France, stick these in her Mother's Day present and she'll be a happy camper. 
Phone Case - Phone cases are a great "stocking stuffer" for Mother's Day...does anyone else do a smaller present and a big present for their moms? Or is it just me? I love to get my mom phone cases because they wear out easily so she always needs a new one and I think my mom's mood changes about the time she wears out the phone case. I usually get her something Kate Spade in black but I am loving this pink champagne case. 
Chanel - Maybe your mom already wears Chanel, because she's a classy lady, but if she doesn't get her this all-body spray to have in her purse or to travel with so she can always smell like she walked out of an incredible perfumery. 
Card 1 & Card 2 - Every mom needs a Mother's Day card! I am a huge Evelyn Henson fan and her cards are just adorable. Skip the line at Hallmark and order one of these babies right now. They are aesthetically pleasing and not cheesy at all. 
Slides - These are so cute and bright. Every mom needs a little pep in her step and having these on her feet will do wonders. They kind of look like that school project you did in elementary school but fancier? 
Passport Holder - This is not your average passport holder; it's for your entire family. I don't know about yours but my dad and I defer to my mom for travel documents and this holds all of them. That way there aren't five passport holders, travel cards and such floating around in each person's bag. It zips and is aesthetically pleasing - this is a practical gift that she'll love. 
La Mer - Anyone loves being spoiled and seeing a pot of La Mer in gift wrapping will make your mom feel special. This stuff is like crack for skin? Seriously, it works wonders. 
Smeg - Treat her to a super fancy coffee maker this Mother's Day because she's worth it! Plus, if you are an older child (hi) and it's just your mom or your mom & dad at home this is the perfect coffee maker. It makes 1 or 2 cups and is easy to use. 
Elephant Cheese Board - This is just adorable - I think anyone would love this as a present? Like a) who doesn't love a cheese board and b) it's an elephant! 
Watch - A few years ago we bought my mom a new watch for Mother's Day and she loved it. I think we know our moms have things like watches, but we never think to renew those items. This Mother's Day get her a new watch, something updated that fits more with her style and personality now. 
Tote - This simple tote with her initial is a great carry-all. She can store all of her stuff (and, undoubtedly, your stuff). I also love the idea of buying her a scarf to tie around the handles, because your mom is stylish too. Check out this one or this one
Rain Jacket - Everyone needs a nice rain jacket, including your mom! This one comes in multiple colors and seems like it will last for forever. Rain jackets never go out of style so splurge on a good one for Mother's Day and she'll love it every time it rains. 
Sneaker - If your mom is stylin' on the regular get her these adorable bow sneakers to spice up those outfits. They are comfortable, practical but have a nice flair to them. She can rock them with jeans, shorts or a dress and look adorable. 
Hair Dryer - Splurge on your mama with this phenomenal hair dryer that anyone would be jealous of. It is one of the most efficient things you can buy her and she's probably had hers for forever. Splurge on her! 

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