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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Articles I'm Reading

Oh my goodness, I just want to preface today's Articles with a thank you for all of your support during Travel Week. Writing those long posts was so hard but so much fun and I hope you look forward to next year's Travel Week. Please send me what you want me to write about for it, I'm already starting to think! Plus, this went so well that I will be doing a College Week in August so stay tuned for that. Also, if you are just now getting a chance to read HT this week, here are the links to every post from Travel Week, instead of a "In Case You Missed It":

Use this to plan for your next vacation to anywhere on Earth...
This guide to Paris is massive and one of my proudest moments...
These are the things I absolutely cannot leave the house without before a trip...
Traveling to London soon? Or just love London? Instagram? See my Instagram Guide to London...
Find out what I think the best souvenirs from trips are...

Stay tuned next week for an interview with a fellow blogger & me asking y'all for travel recommendations-xoxo darling, Hayden

Now onto your regularly scheduled Articles I'm Reading:

  1. This is helping out with my last few weeks in Sarasota // Where to eat, drink in Sarasota // Sports Illustrated 
  2. She is such an icon // 13 Questions With Ina Garten // Food & Wine
  3. Love this // Check Out the World's Trippiest Hotel Atriums // Fast Company 
  4. I want to try all of them // Nine Refreshing Fruit Flavored Beers You Need to Try this Summer // Sports Illustrated
  5. This blog is absolutely beautiful as always // Provence House // Gal Meets Glam
  6. THEY ARE TOO CUTE // Watch Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For the First Time // Obsev

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