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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Top 10 Travel Essentials

About a month ago, a friend posted in one of my Facebook groups about what our top 10 travel essentials were, and it actually took me a while. I travel quite a bit but I didn't know what I used/packed all of the time off the top of my head. Since then I have created my 10. These aren't what you should pack, these are what I think you should pack as an essential item to surviving your travel. These go on top of whatever clothes, chargers, etc. you decide to bring. Hopefully these help you and please let me know your travel essentials down below-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Headphones - I have forgotten my headphones before on airplanes and regretted it instantly. I always have a pair in my carry-on or bag if I am road-tripping. It is nice to be able to shut out the hectic-ness around you and listen to a great podcast or playlist. 
Tampons - Ladies, you never know when your period is going to hit in the most inopportune moment. And why not just have tampons {or pads on you} instead of having to run to CVS or Walgreens. This way you are always prepared for every situation. 
Rain Jacket - I am always over-prepared when it comes to weather so a rain jacket is always packed away with my clothes. Even if the weather for the week says it will be sunshine, I pack a rain jacket. I don't want to get caught without one and they are expensive to buy. Plus, one can double as a jacket if you get cold. 
Water Bottle - This is something that I started in high school, but I try to bring a water bottle with me when I fly so as soon as I'm through security I can find a water fountain and fill up the bottle. I get really dehydrated when I fly so I try to keep up my water intake. 
Extra Contacts - I don't know about y'all but bad things tend to happen to my contacts when I travel. I'll drop one on the floor and not be able to find it, I'll tear one, no matter what something happens. So I always travel with two extra sets of my lenses {as well as my glasses}. 
Pens - This is something I learned from my grandma, you should always have a pen in your bag. You never know when you're going to sign something so I try to carry 1-2 pens with me when I travel. They are so nice to have, and then you can scratch down ideas on cocktail napkins too. 
Make-Up Remover Wipes - This is essential to me if I am traveling on a red-eye. I hate the gross feeling you get on airplanes after a while so I bring make-up remover wipes to rejuvenate my face after too long with recycled air. 
Sunscreen - Being the pale, Irish skinned girl that I am I don't really go anywhere without sunscreen. It always goes in with my toiletries because you never know if it is going to be sunny or what is going to happen, so always protect your skin. 
Ziplocs - When I fly it's about a 40% chance one of my liquids will explode onto everything, so I always carry a second {or third, fourth, fifth} baggie to transfer my stuff to. Also, they make great snack bags too...obviously, so if you want to buy a bigger bag of the snack you can transport it! 
Excedrin - Everyone gets a headache at some point, whether you had a few too many the night before in the hotel bar or you just have some aches, pain medicine is essential. I always travel with a small baggie of Excedrin because it is my go-to. 
P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: The Best Instagram Spots in London!

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