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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

101 in 1001 Update

I haven't updated y'all since April on my progress on my 101 in 1001. We are really getting down to it, the time is up in March (how did this happen?!). I am honestly not sure if I will be able to accomplish even 90 of the items, but I am so proud of everything I have gotten to do thus far! I have learned so much about myself & challegned myself, it has been a wonderful experience. And expect another 101 in 1001 to come out in late March of 2017 because we're going to do it again (and maybe be a little more realistic). Are y'all working on yours? -xoxo darling, Hayden. 

No. 15: Write five letters a month for 12 months. Somehow I accomplished this & I am proud.

No. 25: Take a trip with my girlfriends. When Hannah and I first thought about her visiting me in London we weren't entirely sure it would work. But low and behold, she did visit and we took the most idyllic trip to Paris that has ever happened between best friends. I love
daytripping and being with Hannah but visiting another country with her was honeslty one of the greatest experiences. I wish we were going there again super soon but alas, Paris is expensive. But H is visiting me sooner rather than later (see below)! 
No. 29: Go to at least five live music shows. This also involves Hannah because she is the one who made me accomplish this goal. And let's be honest, I loved every minute of it. I had so much fun seeing Jason Isbell, Ra Ra Riot and so many more. I love living in Austin and I am working toward seeing even more shows before I graduate. 
No. 37: Visit a Flea Market. This was one of the most random experiences. I read that the Austin Flea Market was really great, but we went and it was only okay. However, we went, we saw, we conquered so we can check it off the list! 

No. 46: Have a picnic {in the classic sense with a blanket}. I had no idea that I would accomplish this one so many times while I was in London. I loved picnicing in the parks SO MUCH. And everyone does it, after work. They grab something to go from Pret (or in my case Wasabi), get a drink and go lay a blanket down. It was amazing.

No. 62: Visit Laudree. I really wanted to go back to my favorite macaron place and when Hannah & I visited Paris we went to their original shop to grab some boxes. They were delicious as usual and it felt so nice to buy them in Paris.
No. 65: Make a rainbow layer cake. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (in the difficulty baking sense). And the result was A++++. 
No. 68: Get an awesome internship. I loved my internship this summer at Allegra Group! I had such a fun time and worked with so many amazing people. It was a wonderful experience! 
No. 70: Study abroad. Well, we all know this was a success from my continual posts about it over the summer. I had such a wonderful experience studying abroad & I would suggest it for anyone else. You should get out there and experience a different country while you can, trust me.

Upcoming Goals {57 to go!}:
No. 3: Unplug for 24 hours once a month. I want to try this really bad. I think I am going to do it once and then check it off, because I am slightly concerned about being able to handle it. We shall see. 
No. 9: Guest Blog for 10 people (have 5 done). I am halfway done! All of the guest posting I have done has been such fun & all of the bloggers I have worked with have been great! I am trying to finish this goal by December so we will see! 
No. 32: Clean out wardrobe at least twice. The Ladybirds is hosting their annual clothing drive in November so I have flipped all of my hangers around and I am going to get rid of a ton of things then.
No. 64: Vote in my first presidential election. I AM SO EXCITED. #I'mWithHer.
No. 83: Go on vacation {not a trip, like seriously sit around, read and relax}. As I talked about above, Hannah & I really enjoy traveling together. So after she graduates from college (tears) she is visiting my in FLA for a while. We are going to go between the beach, the pool, and some ice cream shops & just relax. We're going to read a ton of magazines, books, and just chill out for a few days. I can't wait!

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