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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Staples

My favorite season of the year is just around the corner!!! I was doing laundry on Saturday morning and it felt so nice outside (my laundry room is downstairs from my unit). I could almost touch Fall! 
So in that vein, I decided to make a little post about what I think you should have as a Fall Staple. I got the idea from Sarah Vickers over at Classy Girls Wear Pearls. I have linked examples of my Fall Staples at the end of the post so go forth and shop! What are your Fall Staples? -xoxo darling, Hayden

When I bought my Bean Boots I had no idea how much I would come to love them. I knew they were a classic tenant of the "preppy" lifestyle but I didn't understand the comfort level they would provide. I would wear them every day if I could because they are that comfy! Plus they go with basically everything in my wardrobe, they can handle a light rain, and they keep my feet very warm. They are a little expensive but, honestly, they are worth both the price & the wait. So buy yours now!

I am admiting to you now, this is not a Burberry scarf. It came from the men's department at Dillard's and is a Roundtree & Yorke section. However, it is such a classic print and it goes with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (because it's tan...). Then there is the soft factor as well... Anyways, having a classic scarf is great for the fall because you can throw it onto any outfit and BAM, you have accessoriesed to perfection.

I feel like this might be the most essential piece in any fall wardrobe. Jeans are the staple of any cold weather closet. So I buy about two pairs of jeans a year and wear them until they give out. My absolute favorite brand is Levi's because they will last & never lose their color. My favorite color is navy so I always go for the super dark wash but I have had a pair of light GAP jeans and a pair of light Madewell jeans that have been phenomenal.

These are kind of like the Bean Boots. When I was in middle school I was an avid reader of Nylon magazine. They did a piece on what to wear to various music festivals and the Glastonbury look really got me. The girl in the photo was wearing Hunter Wellies. I knew from then on that I wanted them. Fast forward a few years (sophomore year in high school) I got good grades so my parents agreed to buy me Hunters. My dad and I were in Lafayette, Louisiana and we saw them in a store. I walked away with the classic black shiny kind and have never looked back. They are such a staple in my wardrobe during the fall because it rains a lot in Texas. Not to mention they can really complete a fall look. They are slightly expensive but totally worth it! Plus if you buy around 5 cheap pairs a season, you could have just bought 1 pair of Hunters and they last for forever!

Much like a good pair of jeans, a crisp Oxford shirt (in any color) is an essential wardrobe item for fall. They keep you warm, they go with anything (from jeans to a skirt to cords). I buy mine from LandsEnd but you can get one anywhere for any price.

Ahh, the puffer vest. I was really resistant to this trend for a long while. I really thought people wearing them looked like Han Solo in the old Star Wars movies but I finally caved into the trend a few years back when they were having a sale at Old Navy. I hate to admit it, but now I wear my vests a lot...I have one in navy & one in burnt orange (see above). They don't cover your arms so they aren't great for super cold weather but they really work if you think it might be slightly chilly out. Plus they can bring an outfit together/cover up stuff you might not want to show.

I am super weird about what clothes I wear in the fall vs. the spring. For some reason I cannot wear a bright skirt in the fall, no matter how hard I try, my brain just can't wrap around it. So I have about 2 skirts I will let myself wear and one of them is a tweed herringbone skirt I got FOREVER ago at GAP. But it has served me well. I always pair it with black tights and a pair of low black boots in the fall. It makes a really polished look and is great if you need to look nice but want to be comfortable. 

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