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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week Re-Cap

What a whirlwind week it has been. I am super tired, kind of stressed, and have a LOT going on. However, I am excited to share my week with y'all. On Thursday the president of our university was inaugurated and I was in the procession for the ceremony; my dad also came into town that evening so we stopped by Chuy's. Friday I had some LB stuff to do, my dad and I bounced around and there was football to be watched. Saturday my dad and I hung out, went to the game {hook 'em!} and went to bed. Then Sunday we climbed Enchanted Rock, ate lunch in Fredericksburg and then I had Invitation Day for my spirit org where we went to the Graffiti Park & ate dinner at Whole Foods. Monday was classes, grocery shopping, meetings, and watching the last episode of Arthur & George {super good by the way} with my dad. Tuesday brought saying goodbye to my dad & beginning the process of studying for the test I have today.
I just got tired typing all of that! And it doesn't get less crazy. Today I have meetings, tomorrow I have classes, Friday I am headed to Lake Clean Up with Comm Council, and Saturday I have a game for recruitment. Sunday I think I will just sleep. What have y'all been up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden

Because I walked in the procession I got my name on a chair! 

So the Dean of Undergraduate Studies was supposed to be in this photo but the person who took it cut him out...you can kind of see his sleeve on the left side. 

Waiting to go in.

We walked in to fan-fair and some amazing graphics on the stage.

I worked on lollipop bouquets while my dad and I watched football.

My team lost but just barely, still love them! 

Any y'all. Matthew was at the game. 

Finally was able to try the Hook 'Em donuts @ Donut Taco Palace III.

My dad and I climbed Enchanted Rock on Sunday.

My spirit org had "Invitation Day" on Sunday {where we welcome the new members} & we went to the graffiti park! 

My best friend became my sister & I am seriously happy about it.

Grabbed some coffee @ Cafe Medici

And capped off the weekend with my dad with pie @ Marie Callender's...it was fabulous.

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