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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week Re-Cap

How many times can I call my week a "whirlwind" before y'all get annoyed? But truly that is the word to describe my entire September...and probably my October. In this week's re-cap you're going to see a lot of Hannah b/c she is my best friend and we go late night Target shopping together. Also because one of my orgs {Comm Council} had our Lake Clean Up event on Friday {where I finally got the s'more I had been craving}. Saturday brought another disappointing Texas loss {but I'm coping} and with Sunday came my latest invention-- the "me day" which I will explain in a forthcoming blog post. Today I have a government test but I should do alright. I am trying not to stress myself out as much in the coming month of October because believe or not I started losing my hair when I got back to school. So let's hope I can stay relatively mellow. The first step to recovery is admitting/acceptance right? We'll see. I hope y'all are having a fabulous week & I will be trying to do better on the blog this coming month. I feel like I haven't been reaching out to you guys enough and I haven't been putting a lot of thought into HT, just scheduling posts. So right now I solemnly swear...that I am up to no good...and that I will be making HT a priority this month-xoxo darling, Hayden.
Hannah & I had way to much fun in the Star Wars toy 
section at Target on Thursday night.
We didn't have hammers for our tents...
Lake Clean-Up was a blast.
 Ugh a good s'more is so hard to come by these days y'all.
I seriously love my little...also I was talking when this was taken so that's 
why my mouth looks so strange.
I am super squinty but I love this family.
Rainbow fire...ooo...ahh.
Grabbed a pre-game brunch @ Texas French Bread with some of my LB sisters {via}.
#6 was dancing when I snapped this photo. 
Babs & Devi used the "come early" rule & 
caught me on the field.
A much needed "me day" on Sunday. 
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