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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week Re-Cap

This week was pretty good, but now I am sick. We ate a lot of food, volunteered, went to Barton Springs, and that's really all I have. I am seriously not feeling well, but hopefully I am feeling better for this weekend's football game! It will be my first game as an athletic recruiter! I am so excited! Plus tomorrow my spirit org is playing life-sized Candyland & we're going to a 90s Boy Band Sing-A-Long! What are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden 

My "Cane's Dinner Date" was Hannah {of course}. 

 Y'all, college football started back up again.

 The LBs cannot stop. It is such a problem.

Love these girls! 

Had an amazing Friday with this girl {Bollywood movies + Indian food}!

Cream Whiskers has my heart.

These girls came over on Friday.

They are so presh!

My spirit org volunteered at Pease Park on Saturday.

 Babs & I headed back to Barton Springs for our annual Labor Day adventure.

I realize that Travel + Leisure is OLD. 

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