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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week Re-Cap // The Vinoy

So y'all know I love a good hotel {see herehere and here} however, the RAIN when I was at The Vinoy in St. Petersburg, FL was so bad {literally pouring everyday I was there} that I have very few photos and absolutely none of the gorgeous pink + green exterior {I am crying on the inside about it}. However, I did take a few photos and they are included in this post below. 
My stay was nice, the rooms could stand to be updated but the lobby is the perfect mix of historic and modern. When my parents were in college, on spring break, they were down in St. Pete and saw a 25 foot chain link fence around the historic hotel {that was only 20 years ago} so I am amazed with the restoration work. 
If you don't stay in the hotel I would suggest walking around in the lobby/mezzanine/pool area because it is seriously pretty. Have you ever been to St. Pete/The Vinoy? -xoxo darling, Hayden

 Dessert @ The Vinoy last week.

Hookin' 'em @ the Chihuly Collection

Dinner @ The Columbia

Spend a rainy afternoon @ The Dali Museum

 The Pool

The cool lights @ Fred's Cellar

Enjoyed dinner and dessert aboard Yacht StarShip on Friday night.

Key Lime Pie in a glass & bread pudding.

The Chihuly in the grand ballroom.

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