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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Audrey's Naples

I love a good consignment shop {even if everything in it seems incredibly overpriced, like this one}. So of course Katie & I took tons of photos with funny hats and I tried on some Chanel and Burberry! But an FYI, I would honestly check out the Goodwill Boutique in downtown Fort Myers before heading to Audrey's Naples. The Lilly rack @ Goodwill is $5-$20 whereas the Audrey's is $45-$200 and the quality is just as good. But if you want Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ferragamo, Burberry, Alice + Olivia, Hermes, Max Mara, etc. head to Audrey's. 
A Burberry Trench {AHHH!}.
Just to be warned, there are a lot of hats 
in this post...actually it's mostly hats.
Prepping for the Kentucky Derby...
Givenchy hat w/ tassel.
My two favorite things combined= Chanel + Bergdorf's.
"Does it look like Easter on my head?"
For my horse ridding days...
Rack of Lilly
The perfect Chanel jacket...because it fits perfectly!!!
The original line of Lilly!!!
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  1. I am obsessed with consignment shops! there are so many cool finds that you can purchase at them! xx, kenz