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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Well...that happened

Sorry that there is no "On My Nails" post this Sunday. I am getting ready for prom {it is less than a week away!} and I haven't had a chance to paint my nails. However that post will be back next week. Today I am off to Miami for an appointment. But here is some catch-up from the past week:

 Cookies + Sun Drops from a Whole Foods Trip
 The S'Mores Cupcakes were a hit! 
 Marshmallows are a new favorite of mine.
 Mississippi Mud Cupcakes
 The cutest invitation to a grad trip--candy, a necklace, and a pronouncement. 
 CFC had a bake sale this week!
 My new Marley Lilly background!
 My school held a basketball game for special needs students and it was amazing!

Last but not least, drum roll please....
I was accepted to the University of Southern California...my dream school! 
Stanford said no, but that is okay because USC said YES! 
I will let y'all know when I make my final decision...
because I will be posting things about college soon
and I will be taking blog shots on a college 
campus next year & that is crazy.

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