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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars 2014

Red carpet magic--from 5:30pm to 12:00am we stayed up watching. 
And to be honest there were only two worst dressed on our lists. We pretty much loved everyone. Below are our comments on the dresses, both funny and serious.

But first let us start with this:

Now here is the judging:

A little too much on the sparkles.
But still very pretty.

I love this color on her and her hair.

Reminded us of the fish from The Rainbow Fish...see the scales?
But to be honest, we loved it and we love her. It is very Gatsby-esque.

Is she trying to bring bangles back?
Black is perfect on her & the baby.

Is she trying to bring Wicked back?
She looks gorgeous and she did an amazing job performing. 
Love the minimal jewels.

THANK GOODNESS it isn't a plunging v-neck.
This color is perfect for her hair and skin tone though.

It is like the tiny Angelina leg.
She looked fab and grown up, the top is a little funky though.

That looks really heavy but

Anyone can pull off the burrito clutch.
Love the detailing on the dress.

Can she do any wrong?

Not a big fan of this one, she is too young for
 this, it looks too matronly. 

Are her and Harrison getting married because this
 is what she should wear?

I honestly love this dress more than the one above. 
And the geometric accessories? Perfection.

She kind of looks like a basket, I wonder if it was woven underwater?
But she looks amazing.
Where the top meets the skirt looks like bad fondant.
But she looks great!

She looks too washed out in this.
However her figure is amazing.

She managed not to look like a grape!
But seriously she is gorgeous, I mean she looks like a mermaid
 and she is so pretty. I can't.

No one else at HT liked this, I thought she looked amazing.
 And the straps are awesome.

This was another non-favorite of other HT people.
 And I agree that the lace by the cleavage looks a little strange.
However her hair and make-up is amazing.

This dress is a little simple at the bottom, but that is okay, because she is perfect.

Please stop. Why are you both so attractive?
But Camilla were you cold? Because she was so covered up!

The cape is a little strange, she looks like a bird...but

Love the top, hate the bottom, looks like a bird.

The top does not match the bottom.
But it is perfect Gatsby glam.

It washes her out but
SO pretty.

She is the classiest lady on Earth.


It looks like she is attempting to copy J-Law's dress from a while ago.
But she is Penelope Cruiz so does it matter?

Love the Gatsby like dress.

Need a break? Here you go:

Back on topic:
So beautiful inside and out.

Her hair is perfect, the color is perfect, 
and that knot thing is perfect too.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

She is amazing.

And our worst dressed on the red carpet go to:
Their photos aren't even big because they don't deserve it.

No, just no.
You look like a disco ball. 
I hate florals and that hair.

Vanity Fair Party:

 There are so many reasons why she is one of my favorite designers.

Love the color but she looks like a peacock on the
 bottom and a snake on the top.


 Way too princess-y.

No, not a good idea.

She was having an amazing night. HAWT!

Why did you not wear this dress to the Oscars?!

Let us just take a moment.

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