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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Prep Competition

Who doesn't love a good competition? No one in the Pigott family that is for sure. Since we were going to the American Club in Kohler, WI (I mean how much preppier can you get?), my dad and I decided to have a little clothes competition. Let's call it the Prep Competition, now it is your job to vote! The photos below are from each day and show our outfits, you can pick an overall winner or a day by day winner. Comment below, shout out on twitter using the hashtag #prepcomp, or tell us on the Haute Table Facebook Page. 
Outfit One:
 Dad: FSU St. Patrick's Day Hat, Columbia Shirt,
 Ralph Lauren Shorts, Timberland Shoes
Hayden: Brooks Brothers Shirt, Givenchy Tie, 
Ralph Lauren Shorts, Sperry Topsiders 

 Outfit Two:
Dad: Newcastle & York Blazer, 
Saddlebred Top (Belk), 
Ralph Lauren Chinos, Sperry Topsiders
Hayden: Lacoste dress, 
Target sandals, H&M pearls
Dad: Saddlebred top (Belk), 
Old Navy jeans, Timberland shoes
Hayden: J.Crew top, Fossil belt, 
AE shorts, UO shoes, vintage bracelet
Dad: Newcastle & York Blazer, 
Outerbanks top, Ralph Lauren Chinos, 
Timberland shoes
Hayden: Brooks Brothers top, J.Crew pants, 
Target sandals
Dad: Chaps top, Old Navy jeans,
Timberland shoes 
Hayden: AE top, Levi's, UO shoes

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