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Monday, August 22, 2022

Monday Links

Happy Monday! Trying to get back on track with the blog this week.

Tiffany lamps are back?! Someone tell TGI Fridays. In all seriousness, I love 'em.

Such a cool hotel is taking over a historic mansion in Denver!

Tiny Grocer sounds like my kinda place (Austin).

Disney+ is doing a National Treasure series...idk how to feel.

Scalp care is something I'm super interested in!

The rising cost of being a woman.

Glastonbury is the only music festival I would ever attend and these bins are adorable.

Everygirl taste-tested all the Trader Joe's frozen pastas.

Beach reads that look amazing.

Europe's historic spas look incredible.

How to reduce your stress, according to your zodiac sign.

Love letter to the public library and 26 university libraries you've got to see.

Brands who change their logos to look like all the others — ugh.

This Haussmannian home in Paris is beautiful.

Super cool pools designed by architects.

Oh would love to stay at The Pridwin!

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