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Friday, July 10, 2020

My Current Favorite Podcasts

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So since my last blog post back in March I've found four more podcasts I'm kind of obsessed with. This whole walking four miles a day has made me find some new good listenings to keep me distracted from my hatred of working out. They range in topics but I highly recommend each of them. Let me know some of your favorites (or if we share one) — xoxo darling, Hayden.


This was introduced to me by reading about it on some of my favorite blogs and let me just say I look forward to each episode. Like I get a bit giddy each Monday knowing I get to listen. It is literally a romcom movie that has met a cheesey romance book in radio form. The main character dumps her fiancĂ© a few days before the wedding and goes on their Italian honeymoon by herself (a la Under the Tuscan Sun). She's on a tour with all other couples and a hot tour guide. What follows is a beautifully described trip — the food, scenery and people are described in amazing detail — with a side of romance. We have hit a snag in the plot...like any good romcom...and I can't wait to see (or rather hear) what happens next. 

Slow Burn Season 4

I think this is a must-listen for every U.S. citizen right now. This season of the popular politically-centered podcast is all about the rise (and eventual fall) of David Duke aka one of the most famous KKK members in history. It shows how the U.S. created a racist narrative in the 50s and 60s that still persists in society today. Plus, the interviews are just so well done. My dad and I listen to it every week and then talk for about an hour about it, going over the parts we were wowed by and such. 

And That's Why We Drink

Introduced to me by my best friend Marcus, because he thinks the two besties that run it sound like us, I really enjoy this podcast that I didn't think I would. Each week one host discusses a ghost story and the other discusses a true crime. Now those two things are not normally my cup of tea (my true crime journey ended with the first season of Serial) but the hosts are just adorable. I love their friendship and that one drinks wine and one drinks milkshakes is just an added layer of fun. As a person who is fairly uninformed about true crime and extremely uninformed about ghosts I find myself learning a ton of info each episode (there are a ton so if you start now you should be good for quite a while). I find myself reaching for this one after I've listened to the two above. 


Now this one is one I was super into and have since fallen a bit behind on but basically these two guys (and a guest) talk about a chain restaurant each week. They visit the establishment, order a bunch of food and then talk through their meal/feelings about the place. If you know me personally you'll know I'm weirdly obsessed with chains (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) so this is right up my street. If you like comedy writing it's also a good one because all of the guys in it are big players in the LA comedy scene (something I know nothing about). They frequently talk about video games, which I could care less about, but their banter makes it worth it. 

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