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Friday, March 6, 2020

My Favorite Podcasts

I thought this post would be appropriate as I saw my all-time favorite podcast live last night. It was amazing to see the people I've been listening to for years in person (they're British, so not always the easiest to see them). So, here is a round-up of my favorite things to listen to while I hike, drive, work or try to fall asleep. What is your fave podcast? — xoxo darling, Hayden

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is what got me into podcasts, it's my all-time favorite and nothing will ever come before it...I think. I learned about it through Cupcakes & Cashmere (my OG blog read) and I never looked back. I started listening my senior year at UT and now listen to it whenever I get a chance. It cracks me up like no other – I'll be hiking and burst out laughing...which people think is quite odd because the situations are so ridiculous. Basically, the head guy's dad writes erotic novels and he reads them, chapter-by-chapter to his two best friends. It's amazing that he was conceived because it kind of seems like his dad has no idea how sex works...but god does it make for good comedy. 

99% Invisible

A friend in college, hi Sophie!, introduced me to this one, which refers to 99% of design being invisible to us. We don't think why park benches are that color or why Frank Lloyd Wright designed his houses in a certain style. We just know they exist and don't think more about it. But this podcast picks such interesting topics! I've learned about the Baha Men's infamous "Who Let the Dogs Out" song, how brutalism isn't all that bad and more. Each week's topic is something you probably would never wonder about but the way Roman Mars discusses it makes you listen with interest. 

Table Manners

Introduced to me through My Dad Wrote a Porno, Table Manners centers around a quite famous recording artist and her mom. They cook up meals for celebs of varying degrees and talk about food. My kinda podcast y'all. They discuss favorite meals, restaurants, eating pet peeves and just life in general. When I need to fall asleep I love listening to the two women's soothing British accents. 


This is where my Gen Z comes out, but I've always been a big David Dobrik fan. I started watching his vlogs in college and find myself doing so still even after people have left the vlog squad and my life has changed. His podcast with Jason Nash never fails to make me smile. They talk about the dumbest of things but it still gets you in a better mood. If you are a fan of his vlogs you'll also get a behind-the-scenes listen to what happened while filming. 

Bad on Paper

This is not one that I consistently listen to, because there's only so much time in the day. But I really like the two ladies who run it. I always look to see the topic and if they have a guest I'm interested in. They talk about the blogging world in such a real, honest way that helps you to understand the pressures that exist in #influencing. The episode with Carly the Prepster was such a good one, because I've been reading her blog for years and this was such a honest take on her life. 

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

If you like the Anchorman movies, this podcast is for you. The episodes never fail to make me laugh, because they are just so ridiculous. What is it about you ask? It's basically just Will Ferrel being Ron Burgundy and being offensively funny like he is in the films. 

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