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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Half Year Check-In + 61 in 1001 Update

When I was creating my editorial calendar this year, I did not anticipate a global pandemic because now my half-year check-in seems a bit daunting. How am I doing? I have no idea, I go through times of being totally fine and other times where I just want to cry and crawl in a hole. I'm a highly social person and not being able to see my friends, co-workers, random people on the street has been really tough. Have I gotten projects around the house done? Yes. Have I walked at least 3.5 miles every single day since late April? Yes. Have I read more books? Yes. But god I miss summer nights spent at a rodeo, early morning runs to a coffee shop to knock some blog posts out and trips to the store just for fun. 

But enough about that, let's jump into my resolutions for 2020 (which reading now kind of make me sad). 

Just Do It

This goal was mainly about my fear of eating alone in restaurants (wild). I will say before we hit a global pandemic I was doing a lot better with this. Do I still feel anxious about it? Absolutely, but I think that will only go away with practice. In other areas of the "Just Do It" principle I feel like I've fallen behind because the pandemic doesn't really allow for just doing it...I hate leaving my apartment to go to the store because...tbh I'm terrified of COVID-19. So I would say I'm doing alright with this one and it can only go up from here? Let's hope so...

See More

Okay this one I was killing before the pandemic. I was seeing more museums, eating at more places, trying new things, it was going so well! And even in this crazy time I think I've been doing well because I've gotten take out from new places, seen more of my town through long walks, etc. When I get back from North Carolina I have plans to see even more (outdoor stuff obvs). 

Be (A Little) Spontaneous


Social Media

Ugh I'm disappointed with myself on this one. I think I started out the year doing well but as we got more into this whole situation I just didn't feel like posting on Haute Table's instagram. I think I'm going to make this one my priority because it's so easy to do! I will say, I'm killing it on TikTok.

Now onto my 61 in 1001:

Well I've already completed six of the 61, so I'd say I'm killing it thus far.

5. Watch 5 documentaries — I knew I'd get this one done in quarantine because what else is there to do?! I loved 13th and Building Chernobyl's Megatomb the best. 

9. See 2 more classic films — Yet another one that was easy to knock out because of coronavirus. 

14. Try a new cuisine — I tried Ethiopian and I loved it! 

16. Go to the gynecologist — I did this before the pandemic and I highly recommend anyone who reads this blog (that has the need for a gyno) to go for your yearly exam!!

42. Finally write my Austin guideDID IT! Took forever but here we are.

51. Grow Denver Food Adventures to 3,500 — This one came as a complete shock because I truly thought it was going to take years to do...but it took like five months. But I'm so stinking proud!

Currently Working On:
1. Read 100 books — I think this one is going fairly well. I probably need to start reading more to hit it in the amount of time but I've read some really great stuff.

3. Try 50 new restaurants — I should have probably made this 100 because I'm working through it at quite the rapid pace. The pandemic has made it easier for me to try new places because I have so much more free time! 

4. Do 4 more Haute Table guides — I'm halfway through this one with the addition of my Austin and Denver guides to my travel content. 

8. See 6 plays — Welp, I've got one of the six but I'm thinking this is on hold until at least summer 2021 (rip). 

11. Try 20 new breweries — This one has been a bit harder than the restaurants but I'm working on them!

18. Watch 3 more foreign films — Yeah I'm counting 365 dni, come for me. 

36. Cook 10 new recipes — I've done one but I think I should do more as the summer closes out because what the heck else am I going to do? 

49. Go to 20 new coffee shops — This was going so well before COVID-19 but now I don't think I'll be able to complete until this thing is more under control because coffee to-go is not the same as really experiencing the shop experience.

Immediate Future:

6. Try 3 new cocktails — I think I've already done this because of the TikTok...

22. Bake a new cupcake flavor — This seems easy.

28. Work on my book — What else am I going to do with my time?

32. Re-read all the Harry Potter books — My library recently reopened so this is something I deffo want to do!

43. Vote in the 2020 election — Hell yeah!

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