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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Twenty Twenty Resolutions

As I sit in the El Paso airport typing these, sipping an iced latte from Starbucks (if you know me, I kind of hate Starbucks) I'm really struggling. Yes, I like to have resolutions and yes, I know there are some ways I can improve but this past year I saw immense growth in myself. And part of me just wants to keep the same goals and go even deeper on them — reading more, working on my skincare, dealing with my emotions, etc. But I came up with three that I think sum up my attitude going into this new decade. Read ahead and let me know what your 2020 resolutions are — or if you think resolutions are a whole load of b.s. — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Just Do It

We all struggle with the voice inside our heads telling us that people will judge us for doing something we want to do. For me, I really struggle eating alone at a sit-down restaurant and you may ask yourself why? And to be honest, I have no idea. I do so much of my daily activities alone but the idea of sitting by myself in a restaurant is daunting. Toward the end of 2019 I really tried to do it more and I think slowly, little-by-little, I will get there. I think I'm going to try to dine by myself at least twice a month this year, just to get out there and get comfy with the idea of being alone and eating a meal. In other "Just Do It" situations, I made a great friend who is all about doing what you want in regards to relationships and I think that is so healthy. If you want to text a person, just do it! Stop worrying and preventing yourself from doing something because of what others may/may not think. I want my attitude in 2020 to be do first — most of the time — think a little less.
So here's to just doing it more.

See More

I usually have a goal that involves travel and this one is pretty broad. I feel like I've gotten into such a routine in Denver that I need to break free of it a bit. Plus, there are parts of the city that need to be explored more by even more people, so I want to find those hidden gems and preach about them. Also, I hope to travel more with girlfriends this year. I usually travel with my parents or Hannah and that's it — not that I don't love those three, because they are my three favorite people in the world. I just think I should get out there more with other friends and explore new cities/national parks/countries. Who knows what the 2020 travel schedule will look like, but I'm excited to see more of it.
So here's to seeing a little more of everything.

Be (A Little) Spontaneous

This one speaks for itself, but if you have been following HT for any number of years you'll know I pretty much hate being spontaneous. I love the idea of spontaneity but in follow through, I lack the willingness to do it. I love planning, I'm a total planner — my 13 page Denver restaurant Google Doc will tell you that. But I want to relax a bit more and let some things take me where they take me. This might be the hardest goal on the list, but we shall see.
So here's to trying a bit harder to be spontaneous.

Social Media

Oh my lord, your goal is to spend less time on social media? Actually, no. It's the opposite. If you don't know this, Haute Table has an Instagram and I rarely post on it. Which is hilarious, because I spend most of my life on Instagram (with my personal and my food account). But for some reason I always leave HT's off my posting schedule — for no real reason. My goal is to start posting regularly, however that ends up looking in 2020. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with TikTok and I think I might want to start making some videos...because to go along with goal no. 1, why not?
So here's to spending more specific time on social media.

Cheers to you and good luck with any goals you're bringing into this year y'all!


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