Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday! I think I came down with a cold last night — or at least an atrocious sore throat so today I'm taking it easy. Working from home in my bed with lots of water, throat lozenges, a few homemade smoothies and orange juice. I want this thing to go away before Hannah lands on cross your fingers! This past week was so nice. I attended the Denver BBQ Festival, went on the world's largest bounce house and wrapped up Sampling for Hope, the event I was on committee for. We raised over $42,000!!! How amazing is that? 
This weekend I have a few meetings, although if I'm not feeling well I might call them off and just sleep a bunch. Then, of course, Hannah comes to visit and we get to see Kacey Musgraves...I'm so excited. What are y'all up to? xoxo darling, Hayden
 Sampling for Hope was a week ago and it went so well!
Look at all those beautiful baskets — I believe we raised $15,000 in one night!
A delectable pulled pork sandwich. 
My friend Jessica came with me and it was so fun!
Kinda wish I was eating these right now...
Saturday breakfast in bed.
Got a press pass for the Denver BBQ Fest & was not disappointed. 
The Salt Lick — I miss Texas.
Look at those Memphis ribs...
GQue did some glorious ribs & wings too.
 Jessica and I then went to the Big Bounce...the largest bounce house in the world...
We also went through the longest inflatable obstacle course.
Kinda fell in love with a ball pit...want one for my apartment.
But ohmlord, it was exhausting.
Cowgirl lemonade break...

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