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Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Too Early Swim Suit Post

I guess this post might not be early, if you've already had spring break — and if that's you, ugh I miss spring break — so maybe I'm not crazy in creating this in April in Denver. 
But let me say, y'all it is getting warm here and I'm actually excited about it. As I type this I am wearing a sundress and sneakers (that's right, no leggings!), it is the best feeling. And I'm feeling swim suits right now, so here are my favorites in the shops right now. I'm looking at these cuties for my trip to Croatia so we shall see what I go with. What is your favorite? - xoxo darling, Hayden

{Pink Gingham Bikini, Red Scallop One Piece, GAP One Piece, Orange Stripe One Piece, Blue Floral Bikini, Burnt Orange Stripe One Piece, Plaid One Piece, Floral Long Sleeve One Piece, Multi-Color Stripe One Piece, Green and Pink Stripe Strapless One Piece, Pink One Piece, Multi-Color Gingham Bikini, Multi-Color Gingham One Piece, Dotted Strapless One Piece, Floral One Piece, Navy with Rickrack One Piece, Seersucker One Piece, Paisley Long Sleeve Bikini, Red and Pink One Piece, One Shoulder Seersucker One Piece, Green Stripe Bikini, Navy One Piece

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