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Thursday, September 28, 2017

101 in 1001 Update #2

My 101 in 1001 is going well, check out my progress below -xoxo darling, Hayden.

4. Read 55 Books - I've only read one more since the last update and it is really strange. I love reading but I haven't been into it at all as of late? Maybe I just need a really good page turner, so if you have any good recs let me know. 

11. Try 20 New Restaurants - I'm done!!! I knew this wouldn't be hard, I honestly should have made it 50. All of the places were amazing, some in Florida some in Texas.

13. Watch Three Documentaries - I finally got around to watching Super Tunnel, something that I had been wanting to watch for a while. IT WAS SO GOOD. I am obsessed with public transportation and this was such a good one. I am looking for suggestions on new ones to watch. 

14. Go to all of the home Texas football games as a senior - We've had two and there will be another one next week so I'm going strong. In other news I am going to almost all of the away games as well. 

18. See five plays - I saw Relatively Speaking over the summer and I am trying to find some plays in Austin so I can cross this off. I adored Relatively Speaking, if you can see it I would recommend. 

24. Create a colorful photo wall memories - This was something I had been wanting to since December and I did for the senior year in my apartment. It turned out so well and was a lot of fun to make happen.

67. Try five new brunches - I went to my first new brunch in Austin at Josephine House and wasn't disappointed. I'm on the look out for new opportunities as well. 

83. Go on three hikes - It is difficult to complete this one without a car but I did get to Walnut Creek the other day and I want to go on more! 

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