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Friday, June 30, 2017

Classic Florida Summer Staples

Last week was the first official day of summer so I thought I would do a little post on the essentials for a Florida summer. If you don't live here, you can also recreate them (things like sandals & Lilly are not location specific). These are just a few of the most important items I use during the summer. In each section I have links to my original post but at the very end there are a ton of other options you can click through to shop. I didn't include a swim suit (because I thought that was a given) or sunscreen (also a given) but if you think I forgot something let me know below-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Okay, y'all, your skin is incredibly important. I realize swim shirts aren't the sexiest look for the beach, but they do an amazing job of protecting your skin. Covering up your skin is better than sunscreen at the beach because you are exposed to the elements that can wash the sunscreen away. Plus, this isn't 10 years ago when the only swim shirts you could get were Body Glove meant for surfers. LandsEnd makes some super cute ones (so does J. Crew) so please protect your skin. I have this one in pink & one that is white with navy blue stripes. 
Also, a huge straw tote bag is a must for beach trips and days lounging by the pool. You can find the DIY for the one above here, or just go get you a cute one.

If you live in Florida you probably have at least one pair of Jack Rogers sandals because they are classic and perfect. If Jackie O wore them in Palm Beach they are kind of a necessity for a Florida gal. But if you aren't into the Jacks style, there are tons of other options. You'll need them for your countless days at the pool or laying by the beach. I, kid you not, buy sandals from Target in bulk for the summer months because I break them (get 'em on sale for $7 and buy three boxes).

This is another one of those Florida gal deals (notice the Jacks in this photo as well...), Lilly Pulitzer was founded just across the state from where I live and has been a constant in my life since I knew what fashion was. Some people are not into the ultra-bright, floral prints and I get that but they are who I am inside I think. It's funny because I don't like any other florals unless they come from Lilly so I clearly have a certain type. You can also get very understated Lilly, they make navy blue, white and other solid color dresses as well as things like above. Also, I think one of the best LP investments you can make is one of the polo shirts because they are the sport style that have wicking fabric, essential in summer.

If you have been following HT for any amount of time, you know I have a stripe obsession. But I feel in summer they are even more acceptable. I literally have two navy + white stripe dresses I switch between plus striped shirts...I haven't branched into striped shorts/pants yet...but maybe. This specific dress is incredibly comfortable and super easy to throw on for a brunch, as a beach cover up or for a trip to the mall. I like to call this kind of dress the trash bag dress because it's fairly shapeless but super comfortable...if that isn't summer I don't know what is.

This is another image of Lilly, but it doesn't matter where the shorts come from. Any type of cute short is your biggest summer essential? Because shorts are the most widely accepted in the summer? And its so hot why would you wear anything else? You can dress them down (t-shirts + shorts) or dress them up like I did above. Seriously, get out all of your cute shorts or go buy yourself some.

We all work in the summer and have I mentioned yet that summer is hot? So the best way to combat that heat while working is sleeveless tops. This one is my absolute favorite because the scalloping details are just too cute. Pair your tops with skirts or a capri style work pant and you will look adorable, professional and summer ready. 

This goes back to my, your skin is important comment. HATS. HATS. HATS. Protect your scalp and your head, you do not want to get skin cancer on your face. I am a big fan of any type of hat, from boaters to baseball caps to the classic beach floppy hat. I have tons of them because I can't stop buying hats...I think I might have an addiction but I don't really care. Hat club for life, am I right? This is a side note, but beach cover-ups are also a great way to protect your skin when you aren't in the water! 

Everyone needs a go to comfy outfit. There is one for every season, but my favorite for summer is a comfy top, chino shorts and comfortable shoes. The shirt from above was 2 pounds at Primark (I do not like that store, but I love the shirt), I have about a hundred (that is exaggerating highly) pairs of those shorts from Kohls and those are my old Tretorn sneakers (which I would recommend). This summer I'm rocking my pale pink Adidas and the same shorts...lets be real the same shirt too. It's all about being comfortable, right?


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