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Thursday, June 29, 2017

101 in 1001 Update #1

Phew, this one has been a lot of fun. But also, a little difficult. I have been trying to use this summer as a way to knockout some of my list, and it has been working! I am also going to try to do more 101 updates this go around, so y'all can see how much {or how little progress} these lists make. 101s are a great way to get out of your comfort zone & challenge yourself but they can also be overwhelming and stressful. I hope that through you seeing me do this a second time around you'll get a better understanding of the lists and how to make the most effective/best one for yourself. Let me know what you think-xoxo darling, Hayden.

4. Read 55 Books - I'm 3 down in this challenge and I've actually found this one a little difficult. I love reading but recently I haven't been crazy about it. So I'm mandating myself to read for 30 minutes a night. We'll see how it goes. 

8. See 3 More Live Music Shows - I saw Chance back in May but currently have no plans to see anyone this summer so this goal is taking a step back. I knew it would, I'm in Florida for the summer and I typically don't see live music here. When I get back to Austin in the fall I plan on tackling this one more head-on. 
11. Try 20 New Restaurants - I'm over halfway done with this one and haven't had a bad meal yet! 

12. Do Three More HT Travel Guides - Okay, so I love writing these and y'all seem to love reading them. Seriously, on the reader survey you asked for more and some of my friends have been asking me if I have them for certain cities. So I am really committing myself to creating a bigger travel section on my blog. It (and food) are my favorite subjects so I am thrilled y'all want to hear more. In a few weeks I am launching Haute Table's first ever Travel Week and I will be including my very long guide to Paris. It's been three separate trips and a lot of time later but I am trying to make it as thorough as possible and give everyone the best insight. In the back pages of HT I have a London Guide, Boone, NC Guide, Scotland Guide and possibly a Sarasota Guide if I do enough while I live here. If there is a place you want to know about, let me know and I will write one! 

15. Try 5 New Cocktails - I haven't done a whole lot of drinking (aside from craft beer) since I got home, I would never drink & drive and I am always driving in Sarasota so this one has stalled a little. 

51. Try 5 New Breweries - Speaking of drinking, I did visit five different breweries while being back in Florida (+ more) and I am loving all of them, seriously, get behind the craft beer movement. 

52. Brush Up on Geography - It's a process.

60. Get a Pair of Nude Heels - This was a long awaited moment for me, but my mom and I finally went to DSW and did it. I am thrilled with the selection. I prefer slingbacks to regular pumps because I have the weirdest shaped heels so that was a check & they are peep-toe! 

74. Switch to Gmail - I finally did it! I know, this makes me seem like a grandma but I am very attached to my email, I've had the same email address since I was in elementary school. And I have used my email since then, it is my go to way of communication so it was very nerve wracking for me to switch accounts after all of these years. But I did it! Honestly, this was like conquering a fear. I even had a mini stress attack while I sat in Starbucks and did it, but now it's done! After switching, I had to go through and delete everything, my inbox had over 2000 emails {this is why you delete} and then I started officially changing my email address so that the emails won't just be forwarded from my old account anymore. This goal is officially crossed off but I am still hiking mountains trying to get everything right again. Changing your life (I'm exaggerating but you get it) after approx. 15 years is hard. 

97. Try 5 new foods - Crawfish is good y'all! 
100. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished - So far so good...I'm looking forward to having the extra money (not really extra) at the end of this list. Maybe I'll take it and cross off the last goal...buy something big for myself?

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