Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week Re-Cap

 Pulling for our Texas Women's Basketball team earlier this week.
 The Ladybirds got their anoraks in and it rained!! 
 It was time for BLiCAW {again I know!} so we went as a 
pizza delivery boy & the pizza box.
 Of course we celebrated National Margarita Day...we live 
in Texas for goodness sakes.
Love this group! 
I bought my class ring! {via}
 Friday night some of us went out! 
 On Saturday we particiapted in The Project, UT's largest day of service. 
 Serena & I tried The Old Pecan Street Cafe, which we loved. 
 I had an Oscars party for my sisters on Sunday {yay Moonlight}!
 Eryn & I went to the Texas baseball game on Tuesday {we won}!
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