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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Brighton with some of my friends. We grabbed a train from Victoria that went straight to Brighton {with one stop at Gatwick} and arrived fairly early in the morning. From there we walked down to the Royal Pavilion for a tour. The Pavilion was an interesting experience. The architecture on the outside was amazing but the inside was a little daunting/over the top. Still very worth the train ride to see. 
From there we grabbed lunch on the beach & walked around the pier. Then we exhausted ourselves so we sat and tossed rocks on their pebble beach for hours. It was so amusing. The beach was fairly cold {most people were bundled up} but it was still a blast because it was calming. 
Overall, if you have the time, I would suggest a day trip to Brighton to see what England's "beach towns" are all about-xoxo darling, Hayden.

The Royal Pavilion

No trip to the beach is complete without ice cream.

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