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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week Re-Cap

So despite this being an amazing week because I got to see my parents and visit the beautiful Scotland, I got real sick. So Monday and yesterday have been spent firmly at my internship and then in bed each night. Scotland was gorgeous and I have lots of posts coming up about it. Other than that it has been quiet but today is my last work day for the week and I have lots planned! I am heading out to stand in line for a ticket to Wimbledon on Friday, Saturday I am headed to Brighton and Sunday we are going to Oxford. What are y'all doing? -xoxo darling, Hayden

 Being a little touristy at the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Took my parents to Peggy Porschen's, they liked it! 

 Then my mom took us to her favorite fish & chips place, The Golden Hin.

 Friday morning we flew to Scotland! 

 I loved it so so so much.

 We hiked to Arthur's Seat which was beautiful. 
 Dinner at The Albanach

 This Scottish beer was A+.

 The train station was beautiful & 
the geotag was too cute.

 Lunch at Balmoral Castle

 This place really stole my heart.

 Dessert at Balmoral

 The view from Edinburgh Castle.

Another adventure in trying British Tex Mex, Tortilla.


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