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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week Re-Cap

It has been an interesting week. Some things happened with my internship that have made it so I get a few extra days to seriously explore. Last week we went out on Thursday night & then I did a food review for class on Friday. Saturday morning we got up super early for the Queen's birthday parade and then Sunday we did some exploring/shopping. Monday & Tuesday I did a ton of exploring all over London so check back for some of those posts-xoxo darling, Hayden.

 A {typical} rainy day in London.

A half pint of Well's Bombadier at
 the Duke of Kendall near Hyde Park.
 Sierra & I out on Thursday night. 

 Cheers-ing a week of school done. 

Thoresby House 3rd floor.

 10/10 would recomend this chocolate bar. 

 I had to do a food review of Home Slice for my class {coming soon}! 

 Drinks with Nat on Friday.

 You go Nancy! 

Old Town 97 in Chinatown is delicious.

A rainy Sunday afternoon at the Churchill War Rooms. 

10 Downing Street! 

 Brunch at The Ivy Market Grill was just what I 
needed to get me out of my homesickness.

Get the pancakes {what I had} & the sourdough bread {what a friend got for the table} with a hot chocolate {what two people at our table got}, you won't regret it. 

Gelato filled macarons for Sierra's first macaron.

 Spent yesterday at Greenwich Park, it was perfection. 

 Greenwich is quite possibly my favorite place in London thus far. 

 Leadenhall Market is absolutely stunning {it was in the first 
Harry Potter movie, if you think you recognize it}.

 I found an amazing rooftop terrace online that gets you right next to St. Paul's dome.

 Spent the afternoon at the Tate Modern.

 Then had a little photoshoot at Regent's Park...in which this photo was taken.

 Right before we got on the Tube we stopped to 
take a photo at 221 B Baker Street.

The most amazing bookstore in Marleybone, Daunt Books. {via}

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