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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week Re-Cap

What a week. It started off really great, went to a concert, took Libby's senior photos, went on a retreat, went to a dinner party, but it has ended in some not so great times. I woke up Monday morning not feeling well and Tuesday spent all day in bed watching bad movies {the bad where they are so good kind}. I am feeling better today & I have a super important speech tonight at Council meeting so wish me luck! Friday I am supposed to go to a party & Saturday I will be kayaking. What are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden.

 My video partner & I participating in the #IAmExcellent campgain on campus. 

Rocking the hospital gown & Chuck Taylor look.

My big in Comm Council is now president! 

Missing Rhode Island a lot this week {via}.

On Thursday night Hannah & I went to a charity concert thrown by Matthew McConaughey featuring Dierks Bentley & Kasey Musgraves! 

I tried Bubble Tea for the first time & I kind of liked it! 

I took Libby's senior photos & they turned out so good! 

The Ladybirds retreat was on Saturday {photos coming soon!}.

Saturday night some of my friends hosted an Ina Garten dinner party.

We each had to make an Ina dish & everyone's was delicious! 

My lemon bars were one of the best desserts according to everyone at the party.

The tablescape was so cute! 

Sophie is Ina Garten.

Hannah's Honors Day was on Sunday for Moody so I went to support the bestie.

Her mom is honestly one of the sweetest people! 

It was LB's initiation on Monday {and we had to do it inside due to rain}. 

If you couldn't tell I was super proud of the amazing group of women we have this semester. 

The little got initiated {while wearing Lilly I might add}! 

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