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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Lilly Pulitzer Prom

Yesterday was Prom and it was kind of amazing. The dance itself was a tad bit boring, but being with my best friends was awesome. We took photos at the historic {not to mention gorgeous} Edison Ford Winter Estates and then had dinner at the former Yacht Basin which is now a Pinchers. From there we headed downtown for some sunset photos and then onto the dance. After that there was a late night Steak-n-Shake run. The outtakes post will be coming shortly after this so stay tuned~xoxo darling, Hayden.
Me: Delfina Maxi Dress {Lilly Pulitzer}, Shoes: Mossimo Audrey Braided Strap {Target}
Taylor: {Pink/red dress} Dillards
Madelyn: {Navy dress}
Amber: {Green dress}
Kamryn: {Lilac dress} Sherri Hill
Rianna: {Aqua dress}
Shalom: {Pink dress}
Amber: {Red dress}

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