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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brunch with the Girls

Some outfits are meant for "brunch" and I feel like this is the perfect example. The billow-y white shirt and the long, just above the knee, skirt give a feeling of 11am. When I wore this outfit it was out to Crave (amazing Blue Berry Pancakes) with Caline & Rosame. We enjoyed omelets and felt glamourous in our giant front table (everyone saw us as they walked in!). 
On another note today I had my Spanish oral, I received a 93% yay! Other than that my day has been good. I still have a ton of yearbook pages that need to be submitted and a biology test tomorrow, but I'm working through it. Have a great Tuesday! 
{What you need: The Webster Miami 
White Shirt (Target), Billow Skirt (Old Navy), 
Flats (Camaieu), Bag (American Eagle)} 

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