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Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinterest Love

    I was able to get through my first week back to school, yay! This weekend should be crazy! Today I will being a photoshoot with Sedona, tomorrow I am practicing a Spanish oral, baking vanilla bean cupcakes (post will be up next week!), picking out an outfit for my Irish dance photoshoot, and hanging out with Caline. Then Sunday brings the lovely subject of homework and Irish dance rehearsal, followed by the Golden Globes. Should be a fun and a little stressful weekend.
    Below are my pinspirations for the week. I must say I have fallen in love with Scotch nail polish (although I have no idea where to buy it...). Also in this post I have included something from both Paris and London which reminds me of my trip from so long ago (it will be 10 years ago next year!). Anyway have a fantastic Friday and follow me here on Pinterest.


Bag Jealousy- Like seriously Louis + Chanel?!

Viktor & Rolf Resort 2013

So pretty right? 

Like I said--Where can I get these?!

How creative!

I miss macaroons...

Is this not every girls fantasy? 

What a cool invitation! 

This represents the city so well.

Bird jump--weekly Irish dance inspiration for the Phil!


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