Monday, December 24, 2012

Longchamp Ad

Back in the spring, I was in Paris, emerging from a subway tunnel in Montmartre. I was told by a man with a walkie-talkie to stop, so I did. It turns out they were doing a photoshoot above me. As I came out of the steps, I caught a glimpse of the model in her winter coat, hat in a bun, doing a lunge. I thought "OH MY GOODNESS A FASHION PHOTO SHOOT!!!!" But then I realized I was in one of the fashion capitals of the world, and thought I would never see the actual spread or ad. I snapped a few pictures (below) but I could not get much closer. Months later, I am sitting getting a pedicure flipping through the latest Vogue and what do I see? The ad! And it is for one of my favorite brands, Longchamp. I found this to be amazing that I actually found it and was elated. The ad itself is below.

The actual ad. 

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