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Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve + Quotes of the Week

Happy New Years Eve! 2012 was such a fantastic year. From Missouri to Oregon to Virginia to Paris I had a fantastic adventure. I even started this blog! I cannot wait till 2013 rings in, I cannot believe that this is the year I will be applying to college and making serious life decisions. I also cannot wait to continue this blog with renewed effort (that is one of my resolutions!). So for all 67 page views I have, check back! At the bottom of the inspirational quotes* is a collage of my year in review. I love every single person in these photos and I am excited to have another year with them. Have a great time tonight. x-o.


  1. These quotes are so amazing and have great lessons to learn from. I really enjoy reading and collecting quotes and these quotes are definitely going in my quotes book collection.

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