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Friday, October 21, 2022

2022 Halloween Costume Ideas

One of my favorite posts every year is coming up with Halloween costumes based on pop culture. And it usually blows up over on Pinterest because people love a good costume! And so do I...costume parties are always my favorite regardless of season. So, where did this year's inspiration come from? Earlier this week I watched "Do Revenge" and I LOVED IT. I didn't see the twist coming, so I've recreated Eleanor's iconic makeover outfit below. I'm also in a heavy "Yellowstone" phase so Beth's rodeo outfit was something I had to find. Nancy in season four of "Stranger Things" was rocking outfits and her Emerson College t-shirt look was too cute. "The Summer I Turned Pretty" was one of my summer obsessions and I particularly loved Susannah's wardrobe so you'll find a nod to her at the very end. And, "Practical Magic" has been a favorite of mine since college so I've included not one but two costume options in honor of midnight margaritas. What are you doing for Halloween? Any of these providing you with inspo?

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