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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Everything I Read in April 2022

Well, this was an interesting month. I had requested my book club pick back in March and...I still don't have it! So, I will be reading that as soon as I get it and I've already started on May's book in the meantime.

How the Finch Stole Christmas

I adore the Meg Langslow series but I hadn't read one in a while, so it was so nice to go back to her small town in Virginia. I even got another Christmas-themed book from Donna Andrews to read in May because I enjoyed it so much. They are just such easy reads — oh and this one included a shout-out to my hometown, so that was wild. 

Make it Ahead

I love the Barefoot Contessa but I had never read one of her cookbooks, which feels so wrong. But, I finally did! Is it the book for me? Probably not. She uses a lot of ingredients that aren't my favorites, but  it was still a fun read.

She The People

Okay, I have read a ton of feminist books in my day (and will continue to do so), but this is one of the best I've read in a while. I learned so much! For instance, let's stop saying "rule of thumb" because back in the day a man in Massachusetts could beat his wife as long as the implement was less thick than his thumb...SO NO. I highly recommend.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I am finally done with the Harry Potter series! I have a lot of mixed feelings about the books right now, and if I wanted children I would feel conflicted about letting them read it. There's so much racism and hate involved...I'm not sure. But I did enjoy listening to them.

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