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Wednesday, May 4, 2022



As I watched the Met Gala and got the first news about the leaked draft opinion, I thought "this can't be real." As a person who owns a uterus I am disgusted, as we all are. But at the same time, once the initial shock of the 67-page piece of garbage settled in, I realized I wasn't all that surprised. The right has been playing the long game when it comes to reproductive health (or lack thereof). Reproductive-People of Color have warned us for years that this was coming. And us white uterus-owners didn't listen. And now here we are, on the precipice of terror. The last few years have been a nightmare, but good god, this is a fresh hell. Yesterday I took some time off work to deal with my mental struggles around this, but I know many cannot afford to do so. I donated to Yellowhammer, but I know so many can't afford to do so. I want to wield my privilege in the most impactful way and will continue to research how to do so.

I'm scared. Your scared. We're all scared. But, we still have fight left in us. And I'm not letting the work that Sarah Weddington (and countless others) did go in vain. If you have the ability, please donate to one of the pro-choice supporting organizations below. If you know of other ways I can help, please let me know.

Finally I highly recommend this essay on how Black feminists defined abortion rights >>


Yellowhammer Fund

West Fund

Carolina Abortion Fund

Indigenous Women Rising

West Virginia Free Choice Fund

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Kentucky Health Justice Network

Missouri Abortion Fund

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

South Dakota Access for Every Woman

North Dakota Women in Need

New Orleans Abortion Fund

Access Reproductive Care-Southeast

Roe Fund

Fund Texas Choice

Blue Ridge Abortion Fund

Chelsea's Fund

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