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Friday, April 24, 2020

DIY: Kentucky Derby Fascinator

So, I had scheduled this post for today, way before the Derby got moved to September. And you know what? We are going full-steam ahead because this is light hearted and the kind of crafting you can do while quarantined — xoxo darling, Hayden.

What You Need: Plastic Headband (I got mine from Dollar Tree), Big Pom PomsLittle Pom PomsCork CoasterHot Glue SticksHot Glue GunCardstock

Your first step will be to get a plastic headband that has a good surface area. Then, if it is hollow, put some cardstock/cardboard on the under side so your stuff doesn't fall through.

Second step, glue coasters onto the wide bit of your headband to give your more surface area.

Hot glue pom poms to the coaster and on top of each other.

Keep going until your content, then hot glue the coaster to the headband. And there you go!

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