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Friday, October 12, 2018

How to Deal with a Long-Distance Bestie

Since I am flying to see my best friend tonight, I thought this blog post was apropos.

When I met Hannah I had no idea we would become as close as we are today. We had both just gotten into Communication Council at Texas and rode in the same car to retreat. I thought she was sweet and funny but that was kind of it. Then she requested to interview me for her PR class about the blog/District. I was super honored. Then we went to Easter brunch and the rest is kind of history. After hanging out three or four times we decided she would come spend a week in Florida for the summer...that was how we knew. We continued to grow closer and closer. Survived her break-up, my stress-filled panics about organizations, so much school work, birthdays, graduations, travel, Europe, etc. 
And I never thought our friendship would be hard. Because, it's always been so easy. But then I moved to Colorado and Hannah moved to San Antonio. And let me tell you, it's one of the hardest things I've ever done, emotionally. Being in another state with no easy access, not knowing when we'll see each other next is so flipping hard. We talk about it almost weekly, how much we miss each other and how difficult it is. And we cannot be the only best friends out there going through something like this - and if you and your bestie do this on the daily, please let me know how y'all do it. Hannah and I have our little routines that I thought I would share with you so if you have no idea how to be separate from "your person" maybe you can use our tips.
  1. Talk every day - This changes for us, but we somehow have a convo every single day. Whether it be sending long video messages on snapchat, texting, talking on the phone, or facetiming, we talk every day.
  2. Tag each other - Facebook has opened up the world for communication and that doesn't stop when your bestie moves away. Hannah and I are always tagging each other in things on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that seem relevant. Just by mentioning them, makes your bond stronger.
  3. Facetime once a week - This is a huge one for us I think. While we talk every day, it's nice to set aside time to see the person and just talk about life while you aren't busy. 
  4. Plan trips - This was a big one for us as well as we both love to travel and have done it so many times together in the past. As soon as I got the job in Denver we decided I would visit her for this upcoming weekend and she would come for New Years to Denver. And we even have a weekend on the books in December for a possible trip to see each other. Planning ahead for this stuff makes the waiting seem less awful.
  5. Be aware - It is so hard to know exactly what is going on in your bestie's life when you two don't see each other day in and day out. You might forget important life events and while understandable, you can amend it. If Hannah tells me she has a big thing coming up I try to make a note of it so I remember to send her a text or something to let her know she is in my thoughts. On her first day of classes I sent her Tiff's Treats, when I moved into my new apartment, she sent me a tea towel. It's those little things that help keep your relationship strong. 
Hopefully these five tips encourage you to stay strong with your bestie, no matter the distance - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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