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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week Re-Cap

This has been a super fun week! I spent some great time with friends and got to make a quick trip to Los Angeles, if you haven't yet seen the vlog from that day, check it out here! Below are photos of what I did in LA, along with some of my tips on traveling to LA.
This week is I N S A N E for me, there is so much going on + school work is piling up, it's just a lot, so please send some good vibes my way. This weekend is Invitation Day for my spirit org, something I am thrilled about because we'll get to meet new members! 
Hopefully y'all are having a good week, let me know what you're doing-xoxo darling, Hayden.

 A Thursday night at Top Notch.

Some of my friends and I attended a Beyonce Sing-Along.

Finally tried Noble Sandwich Co. and it was SO WORTH IT.

Brunch Saturday morning after arriving in LA. 

One of my all time favorite things in Downtown LA are their version of the 
Spanish Steps that lead to the library - one of the greatest public libraries I've ever been in. 

Ran into my friend Ellen and her family at Grand Central Market.

Whenever I stay in downtown, I have to stop at Grand Central 
for some of the best food and a wonderful atmosphere. 

I'd been wanting to try charcoal ice cream...because I like my trends in foods 
and I actually kind of loved it. The ice cream {Unicorn Tears} was so creamy 
and the cone had such an interesting flavor. 

My first game in the LA Memorial Coliseum 

It didn't disappoint. I had the most magical time there.

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