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Friday, May 12, 2017

Aaaaand we're done...

Well, I've officially finished my junior year of college...I am officially a senior...and I am terrified. How did these three years go by so quickly? Seriously, how?! I don't understand it, and gosh do I miss those easy days of freshman year.
But I am off to Florida for the summer, I start off in Fort Myers and then head up to Sarasota for my internship. I will be fitting in a trip to Colorado in late July and who knows what else will happen. I plan on remaining consistent with the blog and working my way through my new 101, if you click the link you'll see I have already made progress! 

A few snapshots from my year: visiting Lubbock with my dad, seeing Hannah graduate, beating Notre Dame, getting our new petals, turning 21, interning at Texas Monthly, getting my ring, drinking with my mom and going to OU with Hannah.

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