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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Recent Articles

Hey y'all! 
We're doing something a little different today because, if I am being honest, I have not had anytime to write blog posts. I had a test yesterday and I was studying for that/I had a super busy weekend. BUT, I have turned everything in for the week so I am free to write posts again. For today though, I am linking all of the articles I have written recently, you might find them interesting, they revolve around food and travel most of the time. Hope y'all enjoy and are having a great Thursday -xoxo darling, Hayden.
12 Hours in Uvalde // Your guide to what to do and where to eat in Uvalde, Texas.

12 Hours in Corpus Christi // Your guide to what to do and where to eat in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Best Austin Breweries // All of this beer is worth your time.

Austin-Bergstorm Airport's Food, Ranked from Best to Worst // This is very important if you have ever flown to AUS.

6 Restaurants in Austin Devoted to Sustainability // If you love eating sustainabily, these are for you.
Best Burgers in Austin // Have you eaten at all of these?
Best Chocolate Shops in Austin // These all look amazing.

Things to Know Before Interning Abroad // All of my tips for interning in a different country.
Meet Campus Leader: Amanda Booth // A profile of Amanda.
Meet Alyssa Hollander // A profile on Alyssa.
A Few of my Favorite Yoga Poses // De-stressing in the library.
Meet Julia O'Hanlon // A profile on Julia.

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