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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week Re-Cap

Happy Thursday y'all! It feels very strange to be posting the Week Re-Cap a day late but I hope you understand why it happened. This week started off amazing! My dad flew in and we ventured all through West Texas & BEAT TECH!!! It was such a fun game & I fell in love with more of Texas. I am working on a post about our journey so be on the look out for that next week as well as HT's gift guides {I am so pumped to release them}! Hope your week is getting better-xoxo darling, Hayden

 My G-Little & I having a blast at an event.

 My family for Comm Council dressed up as 
"It's Raining Men" for our costumes.

 A shot from my dad and I 's journey through Northwest Texas
 this past weekend {come back tomorrow for more info on that!}.

 Amazing artwork {Texas Rising} on Texas Tech's campus. {via

 Saturday morning on our way to the Tech game.

 It was an amazing game {and y'all...it was COLD}!

 We ended up winning and that was phenomenal.

And we visited the Silent Wings Museum before 
we drove to Abileen for the night.

Driving through the middle-of-no-where Texas.

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