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Friday, October 10, 2014

Articles I Am Reading

  1. These cookies are so cute! Pantone Chip Cookies...Laughing Squid
  2. Just watched Mademoiselle C and this song was in it! The Shoes' Time To Dance...You Tube
  3. These are so cool! 16 Impressive Photos Of Magazine Covers Mashed-Up With Classic Art...Buzz Feed
  4. As an Irish dancer I have always been in love with tartan, and honestly, the Scot's tartan is so much better! Tartan Looks in Honor of the Scotland Vote for Independence...Vogue
  5. I got the classy diva, and there was a photo of Adele. What Kind Of Diva Are You...Buzz Feed
  6. Ooolalala...Starbucks Debuts Ritzy Coffee Shop in Seattle...Eater
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