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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kenyan Food

By, Shalom Chege 

Hello everyone! I'm the new blogger here, Shalom Chege! I'm excited to get a chance to explore different things with you guys!

My realm is food and travel, both of which I absolutely love! I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to America when I was seven years old.

Kenya is on the eastern coast of Africa, and living in different parts of the world has shown me a lot about different foods from different cultures.

So, just to start off, here are a few pictures about some Kenyan food, with a brief explanation of each. They are all delicious!

These are chapatis. They are originally an Indian food, a warm, soft, sweet flatbread that is made in a pan as opposed to in an oven. The recipe for chapatis is about as simple as it gets - flour, sugar, oil, water, and they are absolutely scrumptious when they are done! The process to make them, though, is very time-consuming, so I would suggest devoting a whole afternoon to them!

This is what is known in Swahili, the most common language in Kenya, as sukuma wiki. It can actually be made in different ways, according to what people like, but it generally consists of cooked greens that are cooked in different spices. Sometimes meat is added, and you can see anything from onions and garlic to bell peppers in sukuma wiki. It's versatility is what makes it such a hit!

This is a dish that is oftentimes paired with sukuma wiki, and is called ugali. Ugali is made of cornmeal and water and butter, and has a chewy consistency that makes it the perfect companion to crisp, spicy greens. Ugali is in Kenya what rice is in China, meaning that if you ever plan to make a trip, plan on eating a lot of it!

Alrighty guys, that's all I have for this edition of food and travel! Next edition will feature more scrumptious treats, so stay tuned!

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