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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Senior Ad

So I had to make my senior ad for the yearbook and it was really difficult! I was summing up my whole secondary school life in ten photos! Below I included the ten that I chose because I felt they represented me as a person and I look okay in them. Enjoy- xoxo HP.

 A family shot, my mama and I on the left, my dad and I on the top right, 
and my Grandmama and I on the bottom right.

 A shot from last year's homecoming-love these people!

 Eighth grade...yep.

 From my birthday party freshmen year, all of these girls are amazing. 

 From a friend's birthday party.

 These girls are my absolute favorites, SGA junior year!

From Paris my sophomore year,
 at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

My favorite of the Gatsby shoot.

My BESTEST best friend and I in elementary school.

A shot from when I was a princess of Edisonia.

Powderpuff Football junior year

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