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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Monday Links

It has been a while, but I've got a lot of links to share.

14 fiction books you need to read and 36 of the most anticipated books coming out this year.

I thought this article on ambition — specifically the re-framing of ambition for women — interesting.

What state should you move to? Here are the most expensive and cheapest for buying a house.

Movies that are better than the books they're based on...the horror!

Sea Island, Georgia looks beautiful.

The science of reading is something I don't know if I want to comprehend.

6 hotels that influenced women's history.

Sour cocktails? Interesting!

Como City, Italy is on my must-visit list.

Love Is A Pink Cake looks like a fun cookbook.

15 romance novels Grace recommends — shockingly I haven't read any of 'em!

Bed rotting is one of my favorite hobbies.

Want to stay in a Frank Lloyd Wright house? Here are 7 Airbnbs, plus have you seen the renovation of his Tulsa creation? My family and I drove by it when we visited! And, renderings of what his unbuilt buildings would look like.

10 organizations that support Trans people!

Tell me I don't need this scallop end table...

Sylva, North Carolina looks so cute, also I want to visit this NC tea shop.

Desperate to visit the National Library of France after its 15-year renovation.

Thinking I need to watch this show about spies in the 1960s.

4.5 million images are now in the public domain, meaning you can print them!

OMG this tea room in Florida, I need to visit!

The artist behind the Lilly Pulitzer prints, omg.

Taylor merch that I love.

Late, but Glastonbury is the only music festival I would ever go to & I love the style.

22 beach reads!

Cannot wait to watch this show about Truman Capote's swans.

8 desserts that look so delicious — those cookies!

My apartment is still lacking decor, looking to this apartment for inspo.

To say I want to go to Provence would be an understatement.

20+ things to do this summer.

Now need to visit Charleston again because this guide looks amazing.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month has past, but here are some reads to add to your TBR.

This pink ric-rac set is so cute.

I love a basket bag.

Very excited for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Grandfather Mountain is one of my family's favorite NC spots.

Tales from Charlotte's reproductive health clinic.

Mackenzie's new 101 in 1001 list looks like a good one.

Saving this for when I one day make it to Nantucket and want to fill my camera roll with hydrangea photos.

This top from J. Crew is one of the prettiest I've seen in a while.

What would Sofia wear? Also, obsessed with her.

Carly's home is so beautiful and I'm saving it for one day when I own my own!

50 beautiful small towns around the world — St. Augustine is one of my favorite places.

Emily Henry's book recommendationsBefore I Let Go has been on my list for a while.

Salty pretzel banana pudding ice cream cake? I'M COMING!

An outdoor bookstore in California we should all visit.

I love the idea of throwing your bestie a career shower, because those of us that aren't getting married or having children deserve to be celebrated too!

12 books to escape reality — Beach Read is one of my all-time favorites.

Want to go to Franklin, NC!

26 summer movies to watch, plus 50 more and 13 more.

The Barbie movie was incredible, almost as incredible as Margot Robbie's looks.

Loved reading Emily's thoughts on turning 40.

Want to check out this British beach retreat, it looks stunning.

Accidentally Wes Anderson is one of my favorite accounts.

Love me some French fashion, here are 5 brands to check out.

This bag is like the Dior totes but you get to support a local business.

Grace's favorite books of all time.

Going to need to stay at The Swag at some point.

Love the look of these playlists.

The 100 best movies of all time...do y'all agree?

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